What does it mean?

Improving our practices, for a better future.


We believe in creating products designed to last,in safe and inclusive settings that don’t compromise the  ability of future generations to meet their needs.

We are making more conscientious choices towards lowering our production impact; here’s the work we’ve done so far. ​

Animal Free

With our soft vegan leather, we have turned away from the use of

animal skin and animal derivatives in the manufacturing process.

Artisanal Creation

Each piece has a story, from its conception, to its execution; this

design is handmade with an artisanal touch and a more traditional

approach to garment making, keeping heritage and 

craftsmanship alive. 

Audited Factories

This design is produced in factories that are independently audited

to ensure that they meet high industry practices as well as our

ethical norms for an environmetally-conscious and

socially-responsible work space.

Ethical Silk

Farm to factory silk with our vendors having their own farms, 

mills, and garment factories therefore enabling them to 

monitor the whole cruelty-free process and hold it to the 

highest industry standards.

Fair Labor

Products done the right way; we value the people behind the scenes

and always ensure them a safe space and a sustainable work

environment that enforces fair labor practices, offers fair living

wages, and respects local communities

Hand Finished

Handmade designs for a more traditional approach to garment

making that takes us back to basics while adding an artisanal

touch to every piece.

Hand Washable

This design can be hand washed which limits th eneed for dry 

cleaning, therefore using less chemicals and saving energy.

Locally Made

This design is made in Los Angeles, California using local talent and

labor for an overall low-impact and energy-saving

production process.

Lower-Impact Production | Energy Saving

Our fabrics are made in audited factories that minimize waste and

utilize  energy-saving techniques; less water, less power.

Natural Dye

Natural vegetable dyes derived from biological sources

like plants and minerals without chemical processing.

Natural Fibers

The majority of our designs are made with natural fibers

that are biodegradable and environmentally

conscious like ethical silk made with silkworms and linen

made from flax.

Organic Material

Organic materials like cotton and silks are produced without any

toxic pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or genetically modified

seeds (GMOs), resulting in durable designs and low-impact fabrications.