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Teresa Wilson

Now that spring has officially arrived and flowers are on all of our minds, we take a moment to chat with Teresa Wilson, owner of Scottsdale’s Camelback Flowershop and frequent visitor of our own Scottsdale boutique. Whether you’re splurging on an exquisite centerpiece for an upcoming party or simply looking for Instagram-worthy home décor inspiration, Teresa has the curation and selection to appeal to all of your senses.

Describe your typical Sunday. Where are you, what are you wearing, and who are you with?

I rise with the sun, meditate, make a huge breakfast and my boys and I eat, snuggle and read. We stay in our pjs for hours. Usually, by eight we are ready for Sunday adventures —I throw on my favorite Joie joggers (I have them in every color), nude jellies (my new favorite!) with a loose top and comfortable sweater that I can easily peel off when our Arizona day warms up. We hit the farmers market and treasure hunt for the juiciest vegetation in bright colors to inspire weekly meals. Then I head to my favorite rooftop yoga or a nice hike on Camelback Mountain. Afternoons are a great time to catch up with my closest friends, usually in my backyard where I have lots of hammock swings and cozy seating. I end my Sunday with something special, just for me —reading, playing guitar or practicing my French.

When did you first begin designing bouquets? Were you formally trained or did you learn through experimentation?

I took fine art classes from an Italian master five days a week from age 5 through high school. During college, I found a private floral design school that I wanted to attend, moved to France and studied with some amazing women. So, I am classically trained. This knowledge creates a powerful rhythm in my art. A beautiful freedom and balance.

If you had to choose, florals or fronds?

I put fronds in my living room near my large-scale art pieces, and small, messy florals (one type of flower in each vase) on my bedside tables.

Other than seasonality, what inspires the aesthetic of your arrangements?

Everyone is inspired when you're adventuring, playing, and experiencing something wild and new. I like to find those same inspiring moments in simple things —my kid's smile; the wind against my neck; while I'm running from one meeting to the next; in client's laughter. The everyday. The natural.

As a mother and successful entrepreneur of over 14 years, do you have any advice on how to do it all?

Embracing the reality that you cannot do it all. Finding your rhythm comes through much practice and failure. Routine is powerful for me. I am an artist. I am a mother and business owner. When I commit to incredibly simple and enjoyable daily routines, my time magically frees up, and I have time for it all. And by it all, I mean the things that truly matter.

What are three items in your closet you can’t live without and why?

I work on my feet so, my number one item is any Joie shoe. They are the most comfortable and fashionable shoes on the planet, I also love joggers, because nothing else makes sense, and any white button-down shirt so that I can roll my sleeves up. Timeless. Perfection.

Does your love of florals carry over into your fashion choices?

Absolutely. It's like a mirror! My favorite florals are always the simple, more wild-flowers. Usually white. That is my wardrobe.

Joie’s Scottsdale boutique is just a short ride from Camelback Flower Shop, was there love at first sight over the Spring collection?

I smiled with delight when I saw your new spring line. So much ease. So much white. A little nod to the 70's with the crochet tops and simple dresses...it is my favorite season.

How has your fondness of nature and flowers inspired your upcoming candle collection? When and where can we buy it?

I have four candle scents, all inspired by local Arizona nature and history The first candle, Flowershop was inspired by my clients. They walk into my shop and say, ‘ahhhh it smells so good in here’, so it's basically my shop in a candle. Arcadia Orange is the neighborhood where my shop is located, and there are pockets of old orange groves all over. Desert Monsoon, there is not a more magical scent on this planet than our Mojave Desert drenched in rain. Phoenix Date Palm is another neighborhood historical grove. We added the freshness of cut fronds. It has grounded earthy notes. All candles are available in my shop and online at www.camelbackflowershop.com.

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